SME and Not for Profit Sector

Growth and Sustainability

The common concern between Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) and the Not-For-Profit (NFP) sector are Growth and Sustainability. Leadership in this respect is not just the gate keeper but rather the driving force and initiator/instigator of change and transformation plans to rally the support from their followers and customers.

For Small to Medium Enterprises Leadership is vital and cornerstone to ensure the products and services are delivered to clients as intended. Lack of leadership traits and unauthentic leadership acts may inhibit growth and derail the path sustainability. It becomes more costly when it is too late to act and the spiral downwards seems more powerful than the upward push exacerbated by competition pressures.

nxtLeader helps Not-For-Profit organisations develop or adapt their Leaders Objectives and Targets in line with their announced Vision and mission statements. Leaders and potential senior managers who are entrusted with carrying high quality services to the NFP clients will develop and discover the residual talents to provide support and lead by example.

Ultimately, this will lead to building and leading self-sustainable institutions with best in class corporate governance. All NFP Stakeholders from donors to recipients of services, employees and staff will benefit directly or indirectly from nxtLeader program as it provides leaders with a very effective working model that encompasses trust and strong relationships amongst team members, employees and clients. nxtLeader main target is to transform those NFP community associations into corporate grade institutions by aligning leadership traits with existing Governance Model, Operational Structure, Strategy and Business Development. This will lead to a sustainable service provision, growth and renewable revenue streams with transparent endorsement from donors.

The program is composed of two modules

Module One: Interactive Workshops.

Those workshops are designed to instigate thinking about leadership in the organisation more laterally rather than hierarchically. Senior Managers can join their peers from within the same industry or cross-industries to challenge their views and facilitate cross-functional contribution to self and others development. As their name suggests they are interactive by nature and deliberately themed to instill knowledge based argument into adaptive work style. Cross Cultural and Cross Industry themes will be further emphasized to elevate leadership beyond the individual desire and more into the mainstream objectives.


Module Two: Experiential Learning Residential

In this module we conduct Leadership residential programs in a safe and controllable environment. Using facilitative and debriefing tactics (self -learning) with design thinking approach to uncover the leader inside and expose the talent within while preserving the innovative and creative side of each individual. In the Residential module the targets are achieved by manipulating some key controllable factors relevant to the themes in that safe environment to meet our objectives. We believe this will exponentially elevate the learning potential and keep it engraved in the participants’ hearts and minds. Thus running various themed activities and challenges that encourages participants to apply their learning and develop their crystallised intelligence will no longer need memory as practice takes its place.