Recruitment Sector

A True Leader

An executive candidate might manipulate his way to top spot or may have great qualifications but not reflective of their true talent hence the quality standards are illusive if only relying on a series of interviews and face to face meeting or even track record of experiences. Not always the brightest or best are selected in many of the screening methods today especially with HR using the perfect-fit recruiting models”.

There’s absolutely no screening system to date that can tell fake from real on papers (resume and experience) or even during f2f interviews. That is very unfortunate because Talent can only be revealed by experientially involving people. If probation period is set for 3 months, then it’s too late to undo the recruitment because once the person is place it is costly (money and time wise) to dismiss them and restart the recruitment process all over again unless there is great concerns and fundamental conflicts.

nxtLeader program for recruitment sector is tasked to identify Talent and create a rapport with the recruiter’s needs and requirements and the job specifications. We deliver to recruitments agencies as well as direct to our clients.

Talent Programs can be run for new recruits or a talent development program for existing staff and potential aspiring candidates. Please get in touch with us on how to take you through the journey of Talent beyond past experience and current role.