Educational Institutions

Educational Leadership Development Program

The Leadership development program creates a holistic student experience with two main modules of learning. The themed modules designed to cross correlate and integrate with the overall development framework to expose students to Leadership as “a way of lifeTM”.

Module One: Interactive Workshops

The first module 1 (Interactive Workshop) introduces the theoretical concepts of Leadership (based on long history of academic research) and includes various interactive sessions with industry experts to give the student a foundation for reflection as we move into the more hands on Experiential Learning Module 2.


Module Two: Experiential Residential

Module 2 (Experiential Residential) is the experiential learning component that facilitates the infusion of Leadership styles into students behaviour to become basic life skills that are practiced in everything they do, thus reinforcing the notion of Leadership becoming the basic instinct as “a way of LifeTM

Benefits of the Program

The program has a number of benefits that filters through the different modules in a cause-effect harmonic way. Just to list a few but not limited to:

Our differential value is in capturing 90% of learnings from the 70/20/10 rule for personal development. While others will only focus on the 10% classroom component we combine the 20% involving sharing information, knowledge exchange and contributing to learning experiences with the 70% experiential learning environment by practicing the concepts learnt for the development of crystallised intelligence in long term memory as complementary to short term memory fluid intelligence (Cattell 1987).

Our approach to Leadership development from a facilitation perspective yet interactive onset in Module 1 is to integrate Academic Leadership concepts and theories with Industry best practice to help learners Engage, Challenge and Grow (developing critical thinkers learning profile).

The projection of students’ individuals’ actions to an experiential learning environment within safe settings for creating a mutual learning curve. The themed activities and customised challenges (in the residential – Module 2) will involve the alignment of the followers’ characteristics to the influencing levels of different leadership 1-styles, 2-power source and 3-strategies (as per Contingency leadership theories – Fiedler, Chemers & Mahar 1994).

In the Residential module, we will achieve the ultimate program aims and objectives by manipulating key controllable factors within a safe environment. This will exponentially elevate the student learning potential and hence lead to practical implementation of the key learning objectives for emulating real life situations with specific desirable outcomes. To build a long lasting life skill, knowing that in real life it is less flexible to control the environmental factors of the individuals and their followers we will work on creating the influencing strategies with the two main characteristics of the leader traits namely personality and behaviour (Bandura 1986 TRD – Triadic Reciprocal Determinism)

The Overall experience will focus on adapting the leadership styles and strategies developed in previous modules to the external environmental factors and multiple influencing personalities/behaviours.