Why nxtLeader

Leadership is “a way of life” and in the absence of a standard definition for the leaders’ role we observe misty conditions. The mist symbolises the clouded vision and lack of compliance with exemplary yet contextual leadership traits. Because we believe Leadership is a role to play and not a position to hold, nxtLeader marks the start of a new beginning. We call it a “new life” with more focus on a systematic approach to better engage with (or challenge) Leadership concepts. We rely on applied experiential learning method and utilise an action learning approach. We combine the latest academic research with Industry best practices to identify “Hidden Talents” and develop Leadership brand. We are different because of who we are and what we provide but most importantly why and how we deliver. The extra value from nxtLeader comes in all forms and colours of the spectrum representative of all walks of life and variations with the inclusion of “everyone”. It is not about who you are now but what is your potential to be next. To set the standard, guide and facilitate the transition into a new Leadership Culture we go the far by helping leaders not only “know” about Leadership or “do” an act of leadership but to “be” Leaders. Leadership in the organisation context will then infuse an innovate mindset for individuals to stay sustainable and transform to remain relevant.

Finally, out of this mist emerges a true Leader for the (next leader) “nxtLeader” becomes alive: “This is our way of Life“.

Who we are

Our Vision

Lead to Innovate and Transform where: Leadership is a way of Life, Innovation is the sustainable path and Transformation is inevitable
Nizar Hoblos

Nizar Hoblos

Director & Founder, nxtLeader Executive
Highly skilled executive and talented professional with extensive experience in “Global industries” and proven track record in Executive Leadership, General Management and Business Development. Furthermore, Nizar has deep knowledge of “Design Thinking” methodology used for Strategy planning, Business Transformation and Innovation. Nizar has proven implementation and hands-on experience in driving Business Success and Profitability. Equipped with E2E practice, Nizar has profound commercialisation skills of compound portfolio elements for Products & Services.

Nizar’s learning goal orientation drive the capacity to tackle new initiatives with innovative ways to secure the best outcomes for the client’s personnel and business. His natural “Leadership Talent” is combined with the skills and abilities to inspire others while creating excitement within a team environment. Outstanding experience (over 20 years) in senior leadership and management roles within Global multinational organisations and cross-functional teams of senior Business Units leaders (i.e. Strategy, Business development and Innovations, Network Systems, Global Services, Real Estate, HR, IT, Legal & Compliance, Process & Quality, Finance & Control, Marketing & Communication, Business Excellence, Logistics & Procurement, Supply Chain, etc…). Navigates well in situations of great complexity with interdependencies between personal motivations, projects and deliverables (e.g. roles of Chief of Operations and Leader of the Integration Management Office)

Our Mission

Establish a platform that encourages people to: Adopt Leadership as a way of life, Foster Innovation as a sustainable path and Transform the life of individuals and the business of organisations
Jordan Vamvakidis

Jordan Vamvakidis

Director & Founder, nxtLeader Executive
Jordan has recently developed and executed business strategies, business governance models and business improvement programs that delivered strategic initiatives and transformed his organisation’s corporate PMO. His strength in stakeholder engagement and passion for Project and Program Management has been the result of over 15 years’ experience focusing in business leadership and Innovation. Jordan is a devoted and proven catalyst of change successfully transforming customer, staff and stakeholder experience.

Jordan is driven to lead, mentor and develop his own and others’ leadership competencies and capabilities. He recently completed his Executive MBA at AGSM and in the past 5 years actively participated as a senior leader and Ambassador of the Australian School of Business (ASB) Business Leadership program. Jordan has assisted many post graduate students over this period to engage in their leadership journey and develop their leadership potential to become great leaders.

Jordan has been actively involved in supporting and promoting the Project Management profession and giving back to the Project Management Community and its members since 2009 as a PMI Sydney Chapter Vice President, Marketing Director, Treasurer and National Awards volunteer. Jordan has been an active volunteer for a number of community-based organisations for the last 18 years.

How we deliver

Because leadership is a role someone plays and not a position someone holds, at nxtLeader we believe that the act of leadership is transmittable for both individuals and organisations. We combine the latest academic research with industry best practices to identify talents and develop leadership traits. We are different because not only of who we are and what we provide but most importantly is how we deliver it. To set the standard guide and facilitate the transition into a new Leadership Culture, we go far by helping leaders not only “know” about leadership or “do” an act of leadership but more precisely how to “be” leaders. Leadership for organisations will then infuse an innovative mindset to stay sustainable and transform to remain relevant.

What we deliver

Development Programs

Leadership Development workshops, Seminars and Educational programs with interactive themed sessions that encourage participants to adopt Leadership styles, foster Innovative thinking thus leading to inevitable transformation. All done in an experiential action learning environment that infuses knowledge based acquisition and application into real life scenarios.

Residential Programs

Conduct Leadership Residential Programs with facilitative and debriefing tactics (self -learning) including peer review process to uncover the leader inside and expose the talent within


Consultancy Programs

Our flagship consultancy program “Leadership & Innovation Compass” strives to challenge existing Leadership models with experiential applications and integrates applied Innovations trail using Design Thinking methodology empowered by latest academic research and industry best practices leading to a transformational and sustainable outcome.

Live Experiential Projects

Real live experiential projects with deliverables and accountability to instill and hone the next leaders’ skills.

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